Wilson Proper

Straddling either side of Wyoming State Highway 22 at the base of Teton Pass, is the town of Wilson, Wyoming.  Being an unincorporated town, the exact boundaries of Wilson are debatable, and further complicated by the fact that identifier of “Wilson” is often used freely by Teton County residents to refer to nearly any location on the West Bank. That said, Wilson has historically referred lot-and-block-style development surrounding the quaint commercial area that is anchored by such icons as the Wilson Post Office, Hungry Jack’s General Store, the Stagecoach Bar and Nora’s Fish Creek Inn. Additionally, the Wilson School, with its architecturally award winning barn-like silhouette, is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is a strong selling point for those market participants with children of primary school age. Building sites in the Wilson area can range from Wilson’s originally platted .17 acre lots and approach up to an acre in size. The high demand for homes in the Wilson location has dictated that it is not uncommon for rustic log cabins to be within view of more recently-constructed homes approximating 4,000 square feet. The pricing of Wilson real estate is commensurate with the range in housing styles, with modest cabins potentially being priced as low as $500,000 and larger or more recently-constructed homes approaching the $2,500,000 mark.

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