Schofield Patent – River Hollow

The northern portion of the West Bank South Market Area can generally be described as exhibiting a diverse array of housing styles and sizes. However, exceptions to this generalization are observed in the developments of Schofield Patent and River Hollow. Both of these developments are comprised uniformly of lots in the 4-6 acre range that are developed with homes that typically have 3,000 square feet and can exceed 6,000 square feet. Each of these developments has its own special amenity to boast as well, with River Hollow having a private access to a popular part of the Snake River Levy that is commonly referred to as the “Wilson Beach,” and Schofield Patent having over 25 acres of recreational common area for residents to use. Home prices have been observed in these developments for less than $2,000,000, but would more likely be expected to exceed this mark, sometimes considerably.

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