Moulton Ponderosa

The Moulton Loop / Ponderosa Ranch area of the North of Town market segment has a unique “ranchette feel” due to its having  been created under previous zoning regulations which allowed for the basic concept of subdivision, making larger parcels of land smaller parcels of land, to occur in an unfettered form. As a result, residents in this area typically have a self-contained 2.5 – 5.0 acre yard that serves the dual purpose of yard space and personal view corridor that  preserves the superb Teton Views that typify these properties.  Examples of more recent construction in this area are likely to be a 3,000 +/- square foot home with a quality that is commensurate with the location of these desirable building sites. However, the fortunate home shopper may find examples of more modest construction that pre-dates the emergence and price growth of the North of Town Market Area. In these instances, a combination of acreage, views and price point may exist that is a rarity to Teton County.

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