South Park

South Park Loop is the name of the road that heads west from South Highway 89 at a point approximately one-half mile north of the southern boundary of Jackson’s incorporated limits. The road then heads south, to reconnect with Highway 89 approximately four and one-half miles south of its northerly beginning. The developments associated with the South Park namesake are subdivisions at the southern extremity of the road that pre-date new developments such as Melody Ranch and 3 Creek Ranch. Such developments include North Meadow Subdivision, Single Tree Ranch subdivision and a collection of 2.5 acre metes and bounds homesites locally referred to as South Park Ranches. South and west of South Park Loop Road are several developments that, while generally included in the South Park Loop neighborhood, benefit from a slightly larger average lot size and generally trend towards the upper end of this market area’s value range. Such developments include, Flat Creek Fishing Club, Polo Ranches and Shootin’ Iron Ranches. The larger lot size of these areas (typical lot size of 3 to 10 acres, with lots as large as 40 acres) often appeals to those with equestrian interests. However, the use of your “pasture” as a beautiful lawn is equally prevalent. Homes in this diverse neighborhood range from 1,000 square foot cabins to homes approaching the maximum county-allowed living area of 8,000 square feet (above grade).

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