West Bank North : 2 Million Series

The West Bank North market write-up is part of the 2 Million Dollar Homes Series, which focuses on the real estate market participants looking for single-family homes in the $2M range in Teton County.

Continuing the discussion of the market that is currently available to the $2,000,0000 home shopper, this segment focuses on the West Bank North Market Area, an area that benefits from its proximity to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and recreational opportunities such as Teton Pines and Shooting Star golf courses.

This area currently has 12 active listings ranging in price from $1,600,000 to $2,325,000 for homes ranging in size from 1,962 square feet and having three bedrooms to homes in excess of 4,400 square feet and having six bedrooms. Sites for these home range from .15 to 3.18 acres. These homes are noted to exist in the West Bank North submarkets of Teton Pines, Fish Creek Road, Lake Creek–Kennel Lane and HHR-Stilson.

Single Family Homes West Bank North 2 Million

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