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Cost Divisions

The cost estimation for a large commercial project is likely to adhere at least the 16 primary divisions as specified by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), and possibly the expanded 2004 version of 50 divisions.  However, this is a resource for real estate market participants.  As such, following is an accounting of nine divisions of cost that hopefully speaks more readily to the mindset of those contemplating home construction.

Soft Costs –Items included in this cost division can include architectural design, engineering, surveying, permitting exactions and utility access and tie-in fees.

General Structure – This cost grouping represents perhaps the greatest departure from a traditional way of looking at costs. This division lumps a home’s  foundation, framing and general structural composition together and recognizes that  decisions made in the design process regarding such things as window size and placement, rooflines, cantilevered areas, and size of open living spans will all contribute to cost fluctuations of the General Structure of the home.

SystemsItems included in this division include HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning), plumbing, and electronics such as lighting, audio/video, and security.

Cladding and Exterior FinishesThis division addresses the form and function of what keeps the elements from penetrating the walls and roof of homes.

Fenestration – Windows that frame the Tetons can be the center piece of a home, and variations on cladding and operation can cause this component to comprise as much as 5%-10% of a home’s budget.

Interior Finishes ­– This division generally refers such components of construction as interior wall finish, hardware, flooring, cabinetry, trim work and counter tops.

Appliancesthis could have easily been subcategory of the above-described Interior Finishes division. However, this is often one of the more tangible connections of an occupant to their home, with a considerable amount of thought being placed on what the interface for that interaction will be.

Amenities ­– This catch all division of amenities recognizes that it can be the goal of homeowners to include items outside of those that are required for the basic function of the home. Whether this is a woodstove, wine cellar or lap pool, the homeowner’s ability to make a personal statement (and the cost of that statement) is limitless.

Landscaping and AccessLandscaping in some of Teton County’s smaller-lot subdivisions can be a function of subdivision covenants which require a paved driveway and specified number of plants of a particular radius or caliper.   However, larger homes on larger lots may have landscaping plans that include bridged waterways, circulating ponds and extensive vegetation breaks for privacy. The cost of such expenses and the infinite combinations of landscaping intensity that exist in between are addressed in this cost division.

Cost Tier 2

Soft Costs • Architectural plans at “core/shell” level with simple detailing and minimal or no Interior drawings and specifications. •  No landscape architect, but possibly civil engineering.
• Mechanical, lighting and electrical plans most likely by contractors, not by design professional or engineer. • Basic Structural engineering.

General Structure • Pre-manufactured components. • Small spans, no exposed structural systems (beams/columns). • Covered porch or entry porch.

Systems • Central heat system – very minimal zone control • Minimal electrical radiant heat mats • Minimal decorative lighting fixtures • Upgrade in switching to include dimming in a few areas

Cladding and Exterior Finishes • Simple wood siding, pre-stained, conventional sizes. • Off-the-shelf type materials that need no finishing such as galvanized or oxidized metal • Asphalt shingles or simple metal roof  • Cultured  stone

Fenestration  • Windows are primarily basic builder’s series • Aluminum-clad wood windows in pine from companies such as Pella, JELD-WEN, and Sierra Pacific

Interior Finishes • Drywall w/ Level 2 finish Basic tiles  • Countertops may be tiled instead of solid surface •  Pre-finished, manufactured wood flooring

Appliances • Brands such as Kenmore and Whirlpool are exemplary of this cost tier. • An appliance more typical of a higher cost tier is a common upgrade for “kitchen-focused” home builders

Amenities •One gas fireplace or wood stove is common for this cost tier • Potentially some built-in speakers for plug-in A/V devices

Landscaping / Access • Landscape planning ‘design/build’ from Landscape company – not landscape architect. • Minimal decorative planting, more lawn, efficient irrigation system. • Small driveway – minimal guest parking. • Sand-set stone terrace

Cost Tier 5

Soft Cost • Full architectural services from design oriented firm, fully custom design • Engineers involved in all civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, lighting design,  and A/V design aspects of the home • Acoustic consulting and sustainable design consulting often is procured • Teton County – affordable housing fees can reach $190,000 alone depending on location and size of house • Teton County – energy mitigation can reach $50,000

General Structure • Unique structural design, many components are custom-built on site  • Deeper foundation system for basement/storage space • Exposed concrete and steel with architectural detailing • Largest spans for open spaces and expansive windows
• Double wall and roof/ceiling systems for insulation and sound attenuation • Built-in gutters and internal, hidden motorized shade pockets. • Engineered stud framing for perfectly flat and smooth walls

Systems • Top-of-the-line HVAC system and hydronic – humidification and air conditioning • All systems inclusive of A/V and lighting are integrated into advanced control system  • Visually hidden systems such as air purification using discrete linear diffusers (Grilles) or hidden altogether  • Geothermal heat pumps, photovoltaic panels •  Back-up generators

Cladding and Exterior Finishes • Custom wood and metal siding with custom finishes/patinas • Stone veneer that includes use of custom cut stone or exotic stone from distant supply • Zinc or copper roofing

Fenestration • Custom metal clad wood windows (Bronze or Steel), interior wood of unique species – quarter-sawn cherry, mahogany  • Thermally broken steel windows  • Large Lift slide units throughout house

Interior Finishes • Drywall level 5 and plaster  • Custom finishes such as  concrete, steel, and copper • Extensive use of wood or stone paneling throughout house.  • Full slab Marble and Quartzite on countertops and walls in bathrooms • Top-end tile and fixtures in every room, bathroom such as Dornbracht, Geffe, and custom Hardware.  • Millwork is unique species (quarter-sawn or rift-sawn oak and walnut)

Appliances • Brands such as Zub-Zero, Wolf, Miele and Gaggenau are all noted. • Appliances can be hidden or integrated into a custom millwork packages.  • Custom wine cellars  ice makers, beverage centers. • Plumbed / Built-in Espresso Machines

Amenities  • Many of same amenities specified for Tier 4 Cost  • Fully integrated systems, including Lighting, A/V, motorized shades, heating and cooling – all can be remotely accessed  • Security system with cameras, low temperature  sensors and water sensors.

Landscaping / Access • Longer drives may be complicated by steeper hillside sites • Extensive radiant terraces • Large, cascading water features • Personal preferences may include pool home theater, custom decorative light fixtures throughout

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