Low Inventory Key Component to Price Appreciation

Low inventory has been a key component to price appreciation over the past two years in particular. This trend appears to be continuing, within all tracked market segments, with only one exception showed a decrease in inventory levels  single-family homes in Jackson and South of Town. The result was a decrease in inventory of over 28% when comparing September last year to September this year.   Inventory is noted to have increased from Feburary, when active listings in Teton County east of the Tetons were counted at 88.  However, this is likely due to seasonal variations rather than an increasing inventory trend. A reasonable hypothesis to explain the increase in inventory in single-family homes in the Town/South of Town market area is that sellers are being enticed to explore sales at the higher price points that are now being enjoyed in these areas.  It is noted that the average list price for single-family homes in these locations is currently over $3,675,000.

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