Trends in Teton Pines Cluster Home Prices

Offering Insight Into West-Bank Single-Family Home Value Patterns

The Teton County market began its price recovery in mid-2011, with this market inflection being most easily observed in more moderately-priced market segments where sales volume was most likely to be ample enough to have trends be more easily observed. This is especially true for single-family homes where differing levels of finish, condition differences, and fluctuations in underlying site value greatly reduce the meaningfulness of metrics such as price per square foot.

The Teton Pines Cluster Homes offer one valuable exception to this rule, in that these upper-end living opportunities are relatively similar in exterior design and are located on identically-sized lots. Granted, differences in view, interior finish, and golf proximity do cause variations in price point between such homes. However, these differences aside, the observation of price growth from 2003 – 2008 in these units; their subsequent price correction through mid-2011; and their most recently-observed price gains offer corroboration for the hypothesis that West Bank single-family home prices are trending in a manner similar to that of many Teton County properties.

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