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Buyer’s Representation

To Call or Not to Call the Sign By Todd Lamppa & Andrew Cornish Some studies show that the most effective advertising is the good old-fashioned real estate sign in the front yard. However, while this may be effective in garnering interest for the seller, a valid question is whether or not calling the number […]

Commercial Real Estate

Limited Inventory and Local Businesses’ Desire to Own Their Locations Can Be Drivers of Value in Local Commercial Market By Andrew Cornish It is often said that emotions and aesthetics drive the values of residential real estate and anticipated returns drive commercial real estate values. This is logical and typically the case for larger real […]

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Spey Casting in the Tetons

Practitioners of the two-handed cast hit the Snake River By Mike Commins There are no steelhead in Jackson Hole. There are, however, a number of local trout fishermen who travel long distances from Jackson Hole for the opportunity to fly fish for steelhead or Atlantic salmon. Many of those fishermen have learned to cast the […]

Market Stratification by Price

Understanding the Likely Location of a Home in Your Targeted Price Range By Andrew Cornish At times a homebuyer’s search parameters are dictated by a target purchase price, or range in price, rather than a geographic area. In this situation, it is important for the prospective homebuyer to understand where their anticipated expenditure level may […]

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Jackson Hole Center for the Arts Performance Theater

Big-name Artists Visit an Intimate Venue in Jackson Hole Located in downtown Jackson, the Performance Theater at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts is perhaps the most intimate venue in which you could ever hope to see a big-name artist perform. Having only nine rows on its main level and an equal amount in […]

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Title Insurance in Wyoming

Protecting Your Home Investment By Sara Van Genderen A home typically is one of the largest financial investments that you make. After finding the Jackson Hole home of your dreams and working with your local Realtor to get the property under contract, title review is an essential part of the due diligence inspection. The title […]

Building the Blue Collar

Former Marine Pilot Builds Restaurant Group On Principals Of Hard Work and Generosity to Employees and Community By Brigid Mander While Jackson Hole may not be the easiest place to start a business, those with determination and a willingness to work hard can make it happen. There are plenty of local success stories.  Most are […]

Condo-Tel Properties in Teton Village

Condominium Hotel Properties Show Growth In Value & Income Generation By Andrew Cornish Condominiums have long been a way to provide Teton County market participants an opportunity to own property without the responsibilities associated with detached, single-family homes. In 2001, the condominium concept was expanded for the Teton Village market with the advent of the […]

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A Man On A (Culinary) Mission

Get to know local restaurateur Gavin Fine By Keith I. Cozzens From an early age, Jackson Hole restaurateur, entrepreneur, and co-founder of the Fine Dining Restaurant Group, Gavin Fine, was immersed in the culinary world. Some might say it was his calling. Chicago & The Passion For Food Growing up in Chicago in the 1980s […]

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Establishing Residency in Wyoming is Easy

Abandoning Your Current State May Take Some Work By Kathy Zelazny Many people who visit Jackson Hole fall in love with the spectacular scenery and wildlife that the Valley has to offer. When they find out that Wyoming is an extremely tax friendly state, with no individual or corporate income tax, no estate or gift […]